• Wedding Enhancements

    Take your base DJ service and make it yours by adding any of the custom DJ add-ons below!

  • Up-Lighting $250

    Create maximum impact with your reception decor. Choose from countless shades to envelop your reception with a beautiful glow that packs an elegant punch.   Provide your guests the absolute best in event entertainment by adding an Uplighting to your DJ Service today.    Includes 8 fixtures and your choice of colors, additional fixtures can be added for $25 per fixture

  • Monogram Projection $200

    Put your name in lights! To give your event a personalized touch and an instant “wow” factor, a gobo name projection is the perfect add-on. A gobo projector will project your names, wedding date, special message, company logo, artwork, or anything else you wish in lights.

    Imagine guests entering your party and seeing your initials displayed in bright light in the center of the dance floor. Or even having your company logo blown up on the wall – what a perfect way to greet your guests in style!


  • Glow Tubes $75

    Spice up your dance floor with 40 foam glow sticks. Perfect for all types of parties and weddings.

    These vibrant sticks are not only great for audience engagement but also add a dynamic visual element to the dance floor. As your guests wave these illuminated sticks in unison, the energy of the event reaches new heights. And YES! - they get to keep them!

    If you need more than 40 , please contact us for pricing.

  • Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting $300

    Enhanced Dance Lighting,Intelligent Moving Lights

    Lighting truly does set the mood for your open dance floor.

    Sitting on top elegant and modern glow totems, these Intelligent moving lights will create a magical atmosphere for your introductions, romantic slow dances, dinner music, and of course the spotlight for your first dance.

  • Virtual Photo Booth ($200)

    Allow your guests to capture
    customized photos, boomerangs, GIFs, and videos at your event, from the
    convenience of their own mobile device! No app downloads necessary!